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Just a little catching up



Not much exciting going on around here.  January seems to be flying by – what happened to the days when it took FOREVER just to get to the weekend?  Thought I’d just put down something about each of the kids to let everyone know what’s going on…

Brittney: For the moment we’re on a good page.  She’s in 8th grade, her grades are good (a couple of B’s just because she doesn’t TRY) and even though she greatly misses her homeschool friends, I think that she’s pretty content back in public school.  I’ve kind of taken a hands-off attitude with her in the last year.  She is fairly responsible, needs to be told to NOT talk on the phone 24/7 but she gets her homework done and she goes to bed when she’s tired.  Most days she gets up when asked…and she doesn’t even sleep past 9 on the weekends.  Sometimes I wonder if she’s really a teenager…..LOL!  She has a “boyfriend” that recently left our church so she doesn’t see him at all anymore.  Honestly, I think there is another guy she’s interested in but it’s nice, in her mind, to say she has a guy.  Again, hands-off, I only make rules about actually seeing the guys, she can talk to them (she’s not allowed to call rules) and make her own decisions.  Every Friday night she goes to dance class, swing dancing I think, most of her homeschool friends do that and it’s so fun to watch them interact.  Surprisingly and even number guys/girls.  She has a cell phone (currently out of minutes – how did THAT happen?), an MP3 player, a nintendo DS, a stereo in her room, daily use of a computer with IM ….  hmmm, maybe she’s a bit spoiled??????   *side note:  parents did NOT purchase big ticket items and NEVER feed the phone!!*

Sarah:  Hormonal?  Is that a good word for a 7th grade girl?  Sarah has always been the hugger in the family.  I think I’ve said before that physical touch is her love-language add in there quality time and I think her tank is full.  She works HARD for her grades and still has a couple of B’s.  She’s a year ahead in math – something that amazes me after almost failing 5th grade BECAUSE OF math.  Having a private tutor last year seemed to make all the difference in the world.  OH and having good friends who she calls and they help.  She has a much smaller circle of friends but she loves them intently.  She can’t stand it when she knows someone is put-out with her and she MUST find a way to fix it.  She cries if I look at her wrong, laughs if I’m angry, has a horrible time falling asleep but will sleep until noon when allowed.  Jake is the “love” of her life.  Actually, she doesn’t reallly know this, but Jake is her best friend that she calls a boyfriend.  They are completely funny together.  They rarely talk on the phone, never hold hands, hug and definately haven’t kissed.  Yet they beg to spend time together on the weekends when possible.  The school, students AND staff, call them the perfect couple … his mom and I are just thankful that they have the relationship that they do and we are watching carefully for those hormones to kick in.  I fear there will be huge heart-break in that relationship eventually but I also suspect that it would be reconciled and they will remain forever friends.  She also has a cell phone (still has 450 of the origial 500 minutes from 3 months ago), and MP3 player, a DS, a stereo and use of a computer.  (see above side note).  She LOVES to read and is ALWAYS out of books.  Anyone with an extensive paperback library that wants to share some books, we will take good care and return. 

Nicholas:   …sigh…  I’ve certainly not decided if it’s harder to have boys/girls.  Seems though that it would be much easier to have all one gender.  I’m constantly taken aback with this child.  I don’t, at all, understand the way he thinks or goes about things or makes decisions.  School is still a HUGE struggle.  He has a horrible temper.  If he decides to shut-down for the day – well, he’s done.  And yet when I think of him….. I smile.  I wish you could hear him tell a story or sing a song.  He is so animated and passionate.  Everyone that knows him, loves him.  He likes to read but then he wants to tell everyone the book, almost word for word, lol.  He enjoys the typical boys stuff, legos, starwars, electronic games, skateboards, scooters and climbing trees.  Nicholas frequently has unexplained scrapes and bruises… probably unexplained because he’d get in trouble for what he was doing, lol.  He’ll soon be ten and I wonder where the years went. 

Jacob:  When he was born with a head-full of red hair I was scared to death.  I mean, who looks forward to dealing with a red-headed temperment??  I’m here to tell you that the stereotype is broken with my child.  He is doing well in school though possibly a bit behind in the reading department.  I’ve never been one to really STRESS reading and the other 3 children have learned easily and all love it so I’ll continue with that.  It frustrates me a bit to hear that his classmates are ahead but I’m sure he will be fine.  Jacob is probably going to be the couch potato.  He WANTS to enjoy sports and fun but he’d much prefer to cuddle with mom.  He will sit behind me in my computer chair for hours just to be near me.  He plays well alone and even better with the other boys – he’s usually the one that gets run-over though.  Not sure why he doesn’t stand up for himself more but it’s nice to have the calmer personality after Nicholas.

Samuel:  Ahhhh – how many adjectives could I use to describe one child??  Maybe it’s the typical 3 year old stubborness that makes him seem aggresive.  Like Nicholas, Sam is very passionate about life.  If he loves something, he does it with his whole being, and if he hates something you better not push the issue with him.  He’s 22 months younger than Jacob but is on the same learning level with words/letters/math.  He LOVES sports and can kick a ball harder than me.  Even with all of that though – he doesn’t want to grow up.  Samuel is my thumb-sucker, hair twirling lover-boy baby.  He still sleeps cuddled next to me, leaving knots in my hair and my heart full of love.  Momma’s boy would probably be the best description. 

Alli Brooke – Yep, she’s almost 2.  For real.  She’s standing beside me at this very moment crying her self silly.  Want to know why?  Because I decided to fix myself a bowl of cereal and I didn’t offer her anything at all.  If it wasn’t so completely annoying I might laugh.  “..’mon mommy, ‘mom, peas, whhhhaaaaaaaaa”  interpretation:  come on mommy, come on, please   Oh wait, she gave up.  She waltzed right into the boys room and I’m pretty sure she said some cuss words about me.  Oh well.  I actually do give in to her whining more than I would want to but the poor child suffers from endless ear infections and STILL has yet to cut all of her teeth.  The combination of those two things would be more than I could bear so I try to keep her at least comfortable.  I’ve stepped up the weaning process in the last two weeks and while it’s completely heart-breaking to know that I will never again nourish a child from my own flesh, I’m ready!!  (well, ready to not do it again, but I’m sure gonna miss my C-cups)  We made it 23 months!  

And just because I’m a huge breastfeeding advocate,  someone sent me this blinkie today and I can’t resist sharing it:    


Have a great day everyone!



I admit it!

It’s all my fault.

I didn’t know it could be so fun……….

but …

I am now


a MYSPACE junkie!!!!!!!!!!!

I haven’t blogged there so don’t be TOTALLY put-out with me, lol.  But I have been spending a lot of time there re-connecting with old friends this week.  People remember ME!  Isn’t that a crazy feeling?   And it’s not the stuff that I think they should remember….well at least not that they are admitting… but it’s SO fun.  Now I’m almost looking forward to that GASP! 20 year reunion that’s just a couple years away.


anyway…I promise to get something meaningful up here soon and to catch up on everyone elses blog writings. 



Happy NEW Year

Sometimes one just needs a respite.  A time of renewal.  More than that, a moment just to sit back and say …It IS well with my soul.  ….when sorrows like sea billows roll….   See, it’s just not THAT bad. 

My deepest apologies to the readers of my blog who have stuck by my downward swing in moodiness.  I know you are all saying’s all right, we like being her for ya and all that jazz …BUT, I do apologize. 

Last night was Dec 31, 2006.  Ralph, for the first time in our years of knowing each other, decided to go OUT for the evening.  We had a few not-so-nice conversations about this decision.  Ultimately it boiled down to me being childish.  So, I made other plans for me and the kids and kissed him on my way out the door.  No anger or resentment, I honestly went to have a good time with friends and was thankful.  My friend Amy, knows everything about me/watched me birth a child/sings Debbie Gibson songs with me/knows when to just hang up and drive over/keeps my deepest, darkest secrets, was nice enough to allow me to crash her house with 4 kids in tow.  She invited one other couple (who happen to have an only child – amazing that we still got along, giggle) and the first thing we did, AFTER EATING OF COURSE, was pull out high school year books.  We spent a GOOD 3 hours pouring through these, reading the things I wrote her, reading the things I wrote her husband (I “dated” most of his friends), talking about who has a myspace, who married/divorced, all the what-ifs.  The inside jokes…..  LOL!  Poor children, all they heard all night was … this is the adult room, that is the kids room, you’ll have to wait until after THIS story to tell me you’re bleeding.  Hahahaha.  The kids FINALLY drug us into the count down at 11:54, I called and sent my kisses through the cell at midnight to my hubby and then ushered the kids off to bed.  Of course, at 3:45, Amy and I were all snuggled in her bed (yes, while her husband slept on the couch with the dog) yapping away.  By 4 I was finally snoozing when the kid wakings began.  UGH!  2 kids, 5 times and we were up for the day at 8.  YAWN!  Unbelievable how I function on so little sleep.  Anyway. 

Ralph joined us this morning, bringing a dozen eggs, he and Amy went to Hollywood for a movie and our house for the projector, then we lounged around and watched the movie after a late lunch of snack food.  We finally made it home at 6:30 tonight where I promptly turned back around and went back to Amys to get my glasses, the teddy bear and a couple of other miscellaneous things.  *yawn again. 

Anyway.  I took the 3.6 mile trip home instead of the 2.9 so that I could, ya know, ponder the year to come.  A quote, originally by Ken Freeman, but spoken by my sunday school teacher yesterday, has really stuck with me.  “Yesterday is a cancelled check, tomorrow is a promisary note, TODAY is the only cash we have.”  I really do want to live my life like that.  REALLY.  Not relying on yesterday, certainly not overly planning or counting on tomorrow.  Just enjoying the todays …each and every one that I am allowed. 

This first day of 2007 will likely end with a smile on my face as I close my eyes rejoicing in good friendships and a heart happy, knowing that if I am allowed a tomorrow, it has a promise.