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Jacob and Nicholas (be sure to read other posts from today)

Jacob’s award ceremony was at 8:30 AM … I arrived my usual 10 min late and it was OVER!!  short and sweet I supposed.  He got a BEST COMPUTER award, hugs from his baby sister and cute picture with his teacher.

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Nicholas had a more formal graduation from 5th grade and an after-party on the playground.

I forget how very blonde he is until I see him in a crown (back row middleish).


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The actual pictures of him getting his diploma are a bit weird.  I have a new camera and had a constant shutter so there are like a series of 10 pics on one frame.  Weird but cool.  So I didn’t put them here.  This is Nick’s class doing some kind of Tiki dance with sticks.  It was WAY cool and I hope to incorporate it into my music class next year.


Mrs. Smallwood has been AWESOME for Nick.  She has really challenged him and made a lasting impact on his life.


And just a couple from the playground.

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The girls’ stuff…

  Alli had an end of the year preschool celebration.  Unfortunately I don’t have pictures of the formal ceremony – they are on my mothers’ camera.  That took place the night that Sarah had her first piano recital (which I also don’t have a picture of because I took short videos and I can’t get them to load from the camera onto the computer….grrr) and the night that Brittney sang her first solo (will get to that later).

She got the giggle award…. silly girl.



Her wonderful teachers:

eliza amana


Brittney has been taking voice lessons from the Chorus teacher.  Again, I took a wonderful video clip that won’t load, but here is a picture of her singing.



She has been taking piano lessons since October I think.  She has done incredible according to the teacher.  She has progressed into about a 2 year book in 8 months.  She played Amazing Grace.

She also had an 8th grade formal – Hollywood Theme.  She’s SO grown up.

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And an 8th grade chorus concert which was themed Rock-n-Roll through the years.  From the 40’s to the 2000’s, it was really NEAT.

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Samuel Pre-K Graduation

 My baby boy is getting so BIG!  He did a great job at his graduation ceremony. 



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The Electric Slide … everbody cha-cha now


Sally the Camel has 5 humps … so ride Sally Ride




A family shot from graduation:


His wonderful Teachers: 

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And they had an awards ceremony in their room the last week.  Samuel got the SWEETEST award.  He’s a lover for sure.

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Catch up….LOTS

 The last few weeks have been SO crazy.  Since the last pictures posted, prom May 4, I haven’t STOPPED.  I’m going to do lots of posts with TONS of pictures just to give you all a glimpse.  You may need to just browse and come back in your spare time if there is any commentary.

SO ….

I took pictures for Calebs mom … Senior pictures and here are the two collages I made.  I will have to post graduation pictures after I get those from his mom.

blog1 blog1fish


Jacob turned 7!  (Where DOES the time go???)  May 5 was his bday and I can’t find his birth story at the moment but I will try to add that in later.   He wanted a Wii game and sadly those things are so expensive he had to forego a party …. but he got 2 fish and loves them. 

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This is just a miscellaneous picture of an adorable 3 year old brushing her own teeth.   The Barney video taped to the mirror is an incentive to go potty….. hasn’t worked. ….sigh.blog4


This is Lily!   She is 4 months old and the daughter of my school secretary.  Life has been hectic in the Trinity office over the last month so I’ve been volunteering to keep the baby.  GRIN!  She’s more than precious.



This is a rare moment in time ….. my family going out to eat.  Cracker Barrell on Saturday before Mothers Day.  They were all well behaved and it wasn’t too crowded.  And yes, that is my husband with us.



This is a sweet picture of Caleb teaching Jacob how to fish.  I love it.  It evoked some strong feelings which I wrote about on my other xanga site for those of you who are subscribed.  I will be glad to add those that want to read it, it’s a bit more personal info so I keep it private.



prom15 prom4 prom10 prom11 prom12

Well, there she is again. 


Prom night.

I swear that first picture took my breath AWAY.  She doesn’t look 15, she doesn’t look like a teenager at all.  That last picture, black and white, was taken just after Senior Walk at the Prom.  I went with all the other parents and watched them walk down the steps of the civic Center …….. WAY too close to a wedding ceremony if you ask me.  There was a lump in my throat for hours afterwards. 

I know I say it all the time, BUT …. my girls are SO good still.  They are honest and trustworthy and respectable.  I’m sure you get sick of hearing me brag about my kids, this is my blog though, hehehehehe.  Caleb and Brittney came home 30 minutes early, just because they had a long day planned on Saturday.  They had to leave at 5:30 am for a Chorus festival and after that they headed to Six Flags for the day. They didn’t get home until around 10:30pm.  And THEN on Sunday, their chorus teacher was moving and they both went over there and helped ALLLLLLLl day.  I’m surprised Brittney was able to get up for school on Monday.  But again, she is such a good kid and has been to school on time every day.

In other news:

Sarah auditioned for dance and flag corp for JHS Band.  Sadly she didn’t make it (we found out this morning).  The good news is that she got excited about being in shape, drinking water and eating healthier.  Her shape is changing rapidly and I have a feeling by next fall I’ll have to hide her in a closet instead of sending her to high school.

Nicholas visited the middle school today …. HOW can he be old enough to go to middle school?

Jacob’s 7th birthday was yesterday.  I’ll have to write out his birth story soon.

Samuel will graduate from Pre-K, cap and gown ceremony, this Saturday … expect pictures.

And Alli will “graduate” from 2 y/o preschool next week.  She’s getting to be such a big girl.

I’ve been on a spring cleaning rampage and I will maybe put pictures up after I get done redecorating.  I’m planning a HUGE yard sale for the end of the month.  All the baby stuff is going … sniff, sniff. 

Ok, time to get the kids – my quiet time is over.