Monthly Archives: November 2008

I hate to post on here with the short craziness that is my life but BECAUSE it is my life I don’t have any other way of doing it.  This past week was a BIG week …..

So, 2 weeks ago I posted about Brittney’s anxiety.  Her surgery went well – the surgeon said she had the biggest tonsils he had taken out in a LONG time.  She was talking as soon as she was back in the room.  However, the anxiety didn’t go away like I had hoped.  She spent many sleepless nights wandering the house and in pain.  She HATES taking meds and because everything was liquid and she could taste it …. well, she would get to desperation before taking anything.  (yes…I’m shaking my head too  !  silly girl)  She seemed finally ready to get back to things and returned to school on Wednesday, sadly (and suddenly) her uncle Joel passed away early Wed morning.  Poor girl is just on an emotional rollercoaster.

Back to Tuesday … election day … school was out.
wellllllllllllll… ok, back to August.  I think I’ve mentioned here before that I’ve been working at the church Coffee Shop.  David is the owner and he owns the Krispy Kreme in Athens.  Now he also owns the BRAND NEW KK in Commerce.  He offered me a job … I couldn’t say no.  So Tuesday I did an official interview, pay negotiation and resignation at the school.  It was quite the day.

As I mentioned above, Wed was sad with the news about Joel.  After contemplating several hours I just decided that #1 it wasn’t fair for the girls to not be allowed to grieve with their family and #2 … I needed to grieve a little myself.  So when Ralph arrived home that night just after 7 the girls and I headed out to VA.  We arrived at midnight and I spent some quality time with my ex-MIL that night.  I headed back to GA the next morning.  I arrived in time to pick up the kids from school.  Ralph got home at 5 and I drove back to Commerce for orientation at KK. 

I’m out of town AGAIN so here is a list of the rest of the week…
Friday work at Trinity 8-2 and KK 6-11:30
Saturday KK from 7-midnight
Sunday, coffee shop 8-1, KK 3-8:30 at which time I left barely able to drive home.  A dear friend brought the girls home for me.
MOnday, Trinity 8-2 in preperation for the Thanksgiving program that is Thursday.  KK 4:30-10
Tues (today) WE TURNED ON THE HOT SIGN for the first time.  Offical grand opening at 6 am.  I arrived at 5,s tayed until 7:30 and then worked 8-2.  I’m on my way back to KK for a few hours now.

Just wanted to share a little.  Especially about my job.  I’m so sad to leave the school and really excited about my new career.