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Drive-by Blog

I shouldn’t be sitting here but I’ve noticed a few people looking at my blog that hasn’t changed in forever and figured I should at least update you guys.  I’m still around.  Who knew summer could be just as busy as the school year? I honestly only have time to hit the highlights.  I would love to come back and add pictures but I can’t promise.

June 5th – I took my annual Mommy vacation and flew to MI to see my dear friend Shannon.  5 days is just enough to miss my children and come home a refreshed mommy.  Shannon has 3 beautiful kiddos herself but I wasn’t responsible for them AT ALL !   LOL. 

I took the kids to see the pirates movie the next week and my BFF, Amy came with us.  They were in town from Memphis and it was SO good to spend some time with her.  The 2 of us went out alone that Friday night and ended up running into her very first love-of-my-life from high school.  She also got an adorable tattoo of 2 little lady bugs (to signify her 2 daughters).  Made me want another one – I will wait until fall though so I don’t have to worry about staying out of the water and such.

June 14 – Most of you know that I have dear friends all over the world thanks to the http://www.  My “imaginary” friends are awesome and it’s especially wonderful to meet them in person.  Anne, from Chicago, came to GA and we had a little get together with 5 of us total.  All of our babies were due in March 2005 and it so happens with this group, it was all girls.  We met at a friends house in ATL and the girls were darling together.  That is one pic that I will HAVE to add.

Fathers Day – I cooked breakfast for R and the kids served him in bed.  I then went to work at the coffee shop.  After that I drove Sarah to meet her Nana and got home pretty late. 

I work in the school office during the summer so I’ve been putting in about 12 hours a week there, sometimes taking the kids, sometimes leaving them with my teens.  It’s a little income to help out and the work is usually satisfying.  I think I’d prefer being a secretary to being a school teacher …. something about an immediate reward.

June 23 – Brittney had oral surgery.   Yeah … another one.  Poor kid had another bad molar and REFUSED the rootcanal after the devestation of the first one.  Since we knew we’d have to have surgery to have it removed we went ahead and took out her wisdom teeth.  My baby was SO swollen.  But she did GREAT with the surgery and is mouth-pain free for the first time in 2 years. 

June 26 – Brittney was BEGGING to see her Nana – guess I wasn’t giving her enough love and attention, lol.  So we packed the van and the kids and I headed to VA.  (Nana is my ex-MIL … I love her dearly and she is a SAINT to allow me to stay there with all my kiddos).  We spend a lovely 5 days at her house where I did as little as possible.  Sarah returned home with me and B stayed there. 

July 3 – I worked a couple days that week and then decided to hopefully beat the crowd and go see the laser show at Stone Mountain.  We got the kids totally loaded up (mine plus a friend and her 2) and the van wouldn’t start.  Ralph was smart enough to figure out that it was the starter.  We had to quickly rearrange the kids into Amys van and my Mothers van.  Ralph had to stay home and work on the van as I had promised it to a friend for the week starting the 4th.  Stone Mtn was PACKED beyond belief..  We found a spot low on the lawn, watched the show, enjoyed the HUGE fireworks show and had an overall good time.  The mountain brush caught fire and they had some trouble getting that out but it never was on the news.   We got home before midnight so not bad.

July 4 – We cooked out at my Mothers, just relaxed all day.  Had homemade ice-cream, roasted marshmallows, stayed late. 

We had a nice relaxing weekend.  I worked long on Monday and Tues I went to Dalton to get Britt. 

Today I’m taking B back to Jasper to see Caleb who has been working there all summer.

Friday night we are leaving for FL for a week.

Gas prices are KILLING me in my 12 miles to the gallon van.

School is coming too soon.

Oh, I joined the Y.  Have plans to WALK (and maybe a little jog) my first 5k in September.