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8th grade formal … my “bad”

Here is is:


Greeting her friends:


And THIS is the look a daughter gives to a mom who REALLY messed up!!


Previous post…Trevor…right?   Well, this formal was only for kids at South Hall – not Trevor.  I thought it would be really sweet of me to surprise my child, so……….   I picked up Trevor and surprised Brittney with him at the school.   ummmm….well….. Trevor and I walked up to Brittney and Josh.   yep!  Seems my daughter is a bit flighty when it comes to relationships (with my encouragment to not be too serious with one guy of course).  ^That look was her way of saying…wow mom, wrong move!   She was hugged Josh good bye and walked away with Trevor and I.  Though she wasn’t overly nice to good ‘ol Trev, she wasn’t rude. 

We then did something really stupid…  LOL.  My friend Amy needed to get a few things from walmart so off we went with our dressed up kids to shop.  Yep, we cruised the aisles and let the kids walk around a bit.  Then we headed over to Waffle House for a late snack.  Good times, good food.  And lots of fun with hats…

What do you think of my 50’s gal?







Pictures from last blog

I couldn’t upload straight to xanga but here are links to 3 short (30 sec) videos:

The chorus singing “come thou fount of every blessing”

8th grade sings “You Raise Me Up”

and a bonus:  Alli sings on the way home.  “Twinkle Little Star”  ROCK style


I’ll try and upload a couple of videos also…I think they’re neat.

A couple of group shots.  Brittney is on the second row here, second from left:


Sarah is on the second row, first to the left (blonde with glasses):


This is “big” Alli being a good girl:


Sarah and a friend:


Brittney and the wonderful Trevor:


I’m so tired I don’t even know that I can type much.  Since getting back from vacation I haven’t stopped much.  So, here’s just a “list” of what’s going on:

*I came home from my trip with a cold.  Must have been viral because I had fever and exhaustion for about 48 hours and then gradually got better.  Kept me home from work last Wed. AND kept me from meeting the mountains of laundry I needed to do.

*last Thursday I did work but was still sick.  I spent a long while on the phone with another mom that I’d been wanting to get to know.  If you remember back to the post about the dance, Nic is one of Brittney’s good friends.  He and Britt spend lots of time on the phone/myspace/IM, etc.  Turns out that Nic has a 14 y/o brother, Trevor who also is often on the phone at the same time.  They also have 3 younger brothers…yep, 5 boys!!  I talked with their mom Michelle…wonderful lady.  Seems that Trevor wanted Brittney to go to homeschool day at Six Flags…just ’cause he didn’t have anyone to hang out with.  After that long talk, I was the brave and naughty mom and let my little girl go off with a van of boys (and mom) while skipping school.  Funny, after almost 10 hours together, Trevor and Brittney came home holding hands.  So …. that’s one new romance in the Paul home.

*Friday morning I worked and then planned to take the little ones to play and then p/u Sarah from school early since Britt was off galavanting.  A preschool bus of 40+preschoolers pulled up just as I was getting out and I declined allowing my two little ones in that mix.   Ended up waiting awhile to see my mother at work.   [side note:  my parents divorce is officially final.  my father really did just walk out of my life without so much as a goodbye, an address or a phone number.  My children repeatedly ask for him and the older ones want to know if they will ever see him again, to which I have no answer.]  Let’s see….oh, then I had lunch with a friend and her husband and finally made it to check out Sarah.  Her treat was a chick-fil-a milkshake and then lots of riding around to pick up the other kids.  Thankfully the six flags trip cancelled out our usual friday kayak and dance practices.

*Saturday we cleaned house for hours, another wonderful mom took Brittney to kayak for me and I was able to do most of the laundry.

*Sunday…..ah, yes…..mothers day.

I wish that I could say that I had a great attitude about understanding my husband and his reasoning for not doing things.  I wish I could say that I let it roll off my back with ease as I got out of bed, showered, fed and dressed not only myself but 6 kids and took them to church.  I wish I could say that I sat in church repentant of my bad attitude and thankful for my blessing of a husband that provides.   But – I’m not that good of a person………..

Yep, he STAYED IN BED…and was still there when I slammed the door at 9:55am on my way to church.  When I came home to order pizza to take to my mothers house he was dressed and ready to go with me.  I looked him in the eye and told him he wasn’t invited.  What ensued was a long-overdue but very serious and quite challenging coversation.  The highlights being…I want him to show me love like he did in our first years together and he responded with he’d spend the day making a list of the things that I needed to change in order for that to happen.  I went on to have a completely relaxing day on my mothers back deck with my children, my mother and one of her friends.  We even made homemade strawberry icecream.  [another side note:  two years ago on mothers day my father DEMANDED that we NOT make icecream because he was on a diet and it would …cause him to stumble in his walk…   and we followed his command….rolleyes, shaking of head here]   I did come home at a decent hour and get the kids to bed and even went to R to ask for my list WITHOUT presenting one of my own (giggle…I just think it was awfully big of me to not make my own list…) Instead I go a heartfelt apology, a short but productive conversation and an agreement to go to marriage counseling.     No gifts, no cards, no poems, no handprints….  but possibly a move toward still being married next year on mothers day – guess I’ll take it and smile.

*ok, let’s see….. Monday is my…day.

*Tuesday work until noon, shop for Sarah until 2, pick up kids, girls have end of the year chorus concert to get ready for, I run out to Sams for diapers and to pick up the above mentioned Trevor.  Another new romance in our home is Sarah’s boyfriend Lee.  I hear he’s a bit of a player and not really serious about her, ….. but she’s smiling a lot more lately.  Sadly she’s already broken the 15 min phone call rule and is grounded from the phone.  ….sigh….   ANYWAY, the girls were late getting to the concert but at least arrived before it began.  I’m uploading pics now but will have to add them later…gosh it’s LATE….The highlight of the evening was the 8th graders singing “You Raise Me Up”…..yes, I cried.

*Wed.  I had to sub for 1st grade ALL day.  Plus the other 1st grade teacher left at 11:30 so I had both classes until 2.  Plus my 2 and 4 year olds.  BIG YAWN.   excuse me.   Then church tonight….oh and there was no clean underwear OR uniform clothes for tomorrow, remind me to switch out the laundry before I hit the sack.

Let’s see, Friday night kayak and dance.  Saturday is kayak races from 8-5, a bday party for Sarahs friend 2-6, 8th grade formal @ 7pm (hair, makeup, dress…check).  Sunday church.  Monday field day at work.  Tues graduation at work. Thurs end of year program at work.  Friday last day of school. 

That’s my list for the moment.  I’ll add pics sometimes tomorrow.

If Amy D can … so can I…. :)



I couldn’t resist the messy kitchen since that is the way it looked when I came home from vacation.



So – I went to Florida – ALONE. 

I recommend the alone thing!

I actually planned this a couple months back when things in my life were just getting crazier by the minute.  Airtran sent out an incredible sell…I scanned it for cheap destinations where I could find a friend to stay with.  A $19 ticket to Jacksonville + a willing “imaginary” friend = cheap vacation.  The one-way home was almost 4x the $ but still roundtrip came out in my budget.  I bought the ticket and worried about the logistics of leaving 6 kids behind later!  I told R to ask for a couple days off work, to which he happily agreed… then I told him my plan…giggle.  Well, I didn’t REALLY do it that way but I don’t think the reality of it hit until the week that I left.  To keep the ticket prices low I had to fly on low-travel days. 

Thursday morning at 5:15am my ride arrived and we headed out for the airport.  Of course we arrived early but it was much better than being late.  The flight down was the BEST I’ve ever had – even to the point of wondering why I don’t enjoy flying.  I mean, it was SO carefree – relaxing at the gate (not rushing on…giggle), no babies to care for.  Trust me, if it hadn’t been 8am I would have sprung for the $5 vodka.  The plane was practically empty and I had the entire row to myself.  I propped my legs on the seat and read for the 45 min in the air.  I walked slowly (the very short distance) to baggage and awaited my friend Allie in the beautiful morning breeze.  It was wonderful going back to her house and totally relaxing.  Friday morning we casually got ready and headed for St. Augustine.  Unfortunately the smoke from the fires made it hard for me to breath and we headed back early afternoon.  Another evening in…yummy pizza and early to bed.  Saturday we visited her family for a b-day party and then I headed out by myself to the beach.  I didn’t arrive until 5:30 but it was SO nice to throw down a towel and read, getting up to squish my toes in the sand and pick up seashells to my hearts’ content.  Cinco de Mayo in full swing kept me away from the restaurants with bars (ummm, all of them) and I headed back home around 9.  Left over pizza and good company.  Allie’s boys have both been fighting a cold for a few weeks and it seemed to really be getting worse.  But their wonderful personalities still shown through.  Micah, 2, warmed up to me early on and was my buddy the whole time I was there.  Elias, 4months, was the sweetest baby…well, what baby isn’t, I guess.  He sure won my heart and I loved cuddling with him.  Their sniffles kept Allie home from church but I braved it alone.  Really a good service.   Sunday afternoon was lazy and I finally headed out alone.  I had waited all weekend to see a friend from highschool – that call finally came.  It was a really neat visit, we definately live different lifestyles though.  Monday we had set aside to enjoy the beach.  We doned our swimsuits and sunscreen and headed out around noon.  40mph gusts kept us off the beach completely.  Poor Micah could barely stand on the pier.  I got a couple shots of the white-capped ocean.   Oh, I forgot to mention that I didn’t lug my camera along on the flight….I finally broke down and bought a cheap disposable… I don’t recommend that for quality pictures.  But…’s better than nothing.


We ate our lunch in the car and then drove back home to shower for dinner.  Olive Garden was as good as always.  Here is Allie and I with her 2 boys at dinner:


Then, me with the boys back at home


Of course – I did have to come back home.   But, when this is what you come home to….it’s ALL worth it: