Sundays at 6

The little boy clung to him with arms and legs and chin buried deep in his Daddy’s shoulder. And the Daddy clung back with his eyes shut.

And Mommy stood impatiently watching.

I wondered what she was thinking – ….. I’m the one who does it all – and with no help from him! I feed him and clothe him and take him to school. I get up with the nightmares and again with the light of day. I do it all ALONE. Why does my son love him so much?

As Daddy put the little boy in the car …. I wish I had more time. Does he know I love him? It will be a long week before I hold him again.

And Daddy was ready to go.

But Mommy wasn’t done.

I couldn’t hear her words but she was so expressive looking him straight in the eye. So wholly speaking to him that she followed him towards his truck – leaving the little boy in the hot car alone. She talked and talked and the Daddy was patient. He leaned against the truck and looked at everything except her. He responded when necessary but showed no emotion. When he pulled his keys out of his pocket she pulled out the tears.

And the little boy sat in the hot car.

I don’t know their story. But today whatever she needed to say to the Father of her child was more important than her child. She momentarily forgot that she was receiving her son and took the opportunity to emotionally vomit all over this man, the Daddy of her son.

And that son sat in the hot car.

This is divorce. This is Sundays at 6 …. or noon …. or Saturday morning …. or Tuesday night.

Sometimes I want to say, remember this from your custody agreement?

“Both parties shall carry out parenting in a manner conducive to the best inetrests of the children.”

Remember this from the word of God?

Ecclesiastes 7:9 Control your anger because anger labels you a fool

– like walking away from your child in a hot car

There is always a choice – to remember a proper time and place and season (more wisdom from Ecclesiastes 3). May God speak into the life of this couple, I pray that someone in each of their lives speaks truth. May God speak peace and love into that little boy.

This is why we pray every Sunday at 6.

Join us wherever you are, stop and pray for children for divorce, for parents who are divorced to make wise choices.




One response to “Sundays at 6

  1. How very true! And so very sad! I’ve seen it happen way too many times..and each time it makes me sad!!

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