Monthly Archives: October 2008

pray for Brittney

It’s been a crazy week (as usual).

Brittney is having her tonsils and adnoids removed Wednesday morning. 

I will update when we are home.

she has had a HUGE amount of anxiety….seemingly because of this surgery.  She has already missed several days of school and now has a full week more out.  She has lost a considerable amount of weight and is not herself at all. 

Please pray for her to have peace and to recover quickly.

I miss my strong, bubbly friend and daughter.


My friend Gina and her daughter.

I don’t know if this blog is set to private or not but I’m posting the link anyway.

Gina has been one of my on-line friends for 4 years now.  Her daughter, that is Alli’s age, was diagnosed with leukemia this morning.  We are all devastated.

Please pray for this family.