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Samuel will be the child that keeps me worried !  He has always been my sports child.  On top of that, being 3rd in the line of boys, he feels like he needs to measure up to his brothers.  He doesn’t allow them to do anything that he won’t at least try.  So when I found out that the team he was signed up for in soccer was not going to put a lot of effort into the SPORTS side of the game (but focus more on the basics of team – it is Upwards ) I decided to ask if he could play with Jacob’s team.  There are a WHOLE lot of positives to that … one practice time, one game time, one coach, one color uniform … AND Jacob’s team was really hurting for players. 
 [small rabbit trail here:  I do not understand why this team is hurting for players.  We have now played 3 games against 3 different teams in the same age group, all originated at the same location.  All 3 of these teams have had extra players, like a total of 8-12 on each team.  One of the teams even had 2 very athletic coaches.  Our team however is coached by THE SWEETEST college girl named Ashley.  Ashley is also coaching a younger team (2 practices, 2 games) and has a very busy life schedule.  Our team consists of my 2 boys and 2 other boys that are pretty dedicated and one little girl who has Downs and comes to all practices but not to games.  So that’s 4 players, one of which is too young for the team.  I don’t get it.  AT all.  I surely thought that of all places Upwards would not have a hierarchy but sadly it appears that ya gotta either go to church at the host location or know someone.  trail ended]        So Samuel plays his heart out at every game.  Maturity wise he has a hard time staying focused and let’s face it, when he’s done – well, he’s done.  And if that means we only have 3 players ….. well….
Last week at practice Samuel was doing his usual
kickwithallmymight and falling down thing (I guess he feels like he put his all into it when he falls?) when another player went to kick the ball and go Sam’s nose instead.  Yep, with cleats.  I was able to remain calm but it was a scarey moment.  Thankfully he had a small bruise and was good.  That was Thursday night.  Friday I am out having lunch with a friend, Alli is actually behaving and having a good time, when the school calls…..  The story goes:  some kid (that probably shouldn’t have been at school anyway !) vomitted in the hallway in front of the lunchroom.  Samuel, being ever curious, has himself a good look while continuing to walk …. his left eyebrow finding a metal door frame rather bluntly.  Seems it swelled pretty bad but ice was bringing it down.  I did arrive to collect him an hour later and he has survived with a small cut.  Fast forward to Saturday’s game ….

See that kid to the left of the middle of the picture?  He’s next to my Jacob?  That is Jackson.  Jackson is 6 and was one of my students last year.  He is a very sweet and gentle boy … but when he kicks the ball ……. well, it GOES.  We are 5 minutes into the game and Samuel is having fun:

When Jackson gives a swift kick, the ball hits someones knee and rickashays right into Samuels nose.  HARD.  knocked him down, he didn’t even cry for a minute, hard.  Poor thing.  That’s 3 hits to the head, 3 days in a row.  Thankfully it didn’t even leave a bruise but his daddy sure had to bribe him to go back into the game. 
Game over – I don’t have pictures of Jacob playing even though he toughed it out (and when I’d look out on the field I’d get this song in my head – I’m a little airplane,wonwon, I’m a little airplane wown) for almost the whole game.  He was WAY more excited that I had baked blueberry muffins for snack and was ready to pass them out.

Samuel enjoyed the snack too.

And then at the end – my Mother captured this incredible moment of sweetness …