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  It’s official !   I have too many kids !   I forgot one.   yes.  I forgot to take a picture of one child on the first day of school.

Granted, that child is the one that abhors having his picture made.  And had I actually MADE him do it, there would have been a fight.  But I do feel horrible that I forgot – and the sad thing is that I didn’t realize that Nicholas’ picture is not in here until about 10 min ago when I was uploading them. 

Ok, so here they are.  The first day of school:

Alli will actually start school next week.

Jacob is going into 2nd grade.               Samuel started Kindergarten !!

Nicholas went to MIDDLE SCHOOL !!! 6th grade.

Sarah started High School (sniff..14 on Monday) and Brittney is in 10th.

They say that they all had a wonderful first day.  Schedules were not perfect for either of the girls BUT it is fixable.  And unfortunately Samuel’s teachers husband had a severe car accident this morning and I fear she may be out for an extended time period (we are all praying for his quick recovery).  I honestly can’t believe how well Samuel has done – the teachers had to pull him off of Ralph the first 3 months of pre-K.  Jacob seemed to do just fine also …. there was a bit of concern since the elementary school is BRAND NEW and huge in comparison to the old school.  Nicholas didn’t have any problems mostly because they did a 6th grade orientation that lasted 3 hours on Monday night.  The kids went to each of their classes for 10 and then had hot dogs in the cafeteria.  EXCELLENT IDEA.  Sarah also had an orientation with a freshman picnic last week.  I’m glad these schools are getting smarter.

Tonight we decided to take all the kids out for ice-cream (could have paid my water bill with the $$ !!!! ).   And no, I didn’t leave anyone out this time, Sarah is babysitting, so we brought Caleb in her place.  Notice that the love-birds are too “special” to sit with the rest of the family.  LOL.


Night before

Twas the night before school starts and all through the house
The children are restless, fighting over the mouse
The computer is heaving from heavy summer use
The desk is broken, couldn’t take the abuse.

What should I wear is heard from every room
I’ve grown a foot. Will I fit in?  the anxiety looms.
Black shirt? Yellow shirt?  what about my shoes
JUST WEAR JEANS, it’s what I would choose.

Shopping for school supplies, no last minute deals
That one looked nice, but they said “no wheels”
Pencils and glue sticks, book bags are packed
The kitchen table is covered, all neatly stacked

Calm has come, the children are in bed
Mommy is sniffling, too much left unsaid
Out of her care every day for hours
No one left home to stop and smell flowers

Sleep won’t come easy to any involved
Yet it seems that nothing is to be solved
School time comes and summer must end
Maybe each one will meet a wonderful friend

Twas the night before school starts
Tomorrow they transform
Sleep sweet precious children
Quiet calm before the storm