Monthly Archives: December 2007


THANKFULLY, Ralph had to get up early this morning for work.  He’d just gotten out of the bathroom when I heard voices and then saw running.  I came out to a smoke filled hallway.  Ralph had already taken the fire-extinguisher from under the sink and put it out.  We have several box-fans in our house because we don’t have heat/air downstairs.  The kids get used to the white noise in the summer so we run them in the winter also.  Sarah’s caught on fire.  She awoke to FLAMES.  She mananged to run up the stairs but was in shock and couldn’t tell Ralph what was wrong, he said he looked down the stairs and saw orange and grabbed the extinguisher.  He said you couldn’t even see the fan for the flames and that if he had still been in bed we would have lost the house and possibly our lives.  Sarah is very shaken up as am I.  Her is the fan that we threw out the window and the carpet where it was sitting (the white is all from the fire extinguisher).